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Pretty in Pink 2014

For the past several years, I’ve really enjoyed designing promotional materials for Wine Divas, a ladies-night out event in Yakima, Wash.
admin May 30, 2015 0

Pretty in Pink 2013

Here’s a look at Wine Divas‘ Pretty in Pink materials from 2013. This year there was a Parisian theme in addition to the pink for breast cancer awareness.
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Sneak Peek 2015

Here we have another silhouette on a Wine Divas poster. Wine Divas, a ladies’ night out event in Yakima, Wash., attracts a diverse crowd and I try to be sensitive to that when choosing clip art.
admin May 29, 2015 0

Blue Jeans & Bling 2013

I love the juxtaposition of the sparkly “bling” letters on denim (love my blue jeans too!) on these promo materials for the 2013 Blue Jeans & Bling event for Wine Divas in Yakima, Wash.
admin May 28, 2015 0