Sneak Peek 2015

Here we have another silhouette on a Wine Divas poster. Wine Divas, a ladies’ night out event in Yakima, Wash., attracts a diverse crowd and I try to be sensitive to that when choosing clip art. I’m not a huge fan of stock art photos of people (although they can work in the right situation) and really prefer to use illustrations as much as possible, so I like the way silhouettes give provide the image of a woman without being too cartoonish.

I love the pallette of spring colors on this poster for the 2015 Wine Divas Sneak Peek to Spring Barrel event. We’re always trying to pack a lot of text and logos on these posters, so I came up with the idea of tucking “spring fashion show” onto the woman’s skirt, which was sort of “dead zone” without the text on top. Now, I think it really pops and helps make the poster more visually interesting.


The save-the-date card below was created several weeks before the poster. It has brighter colors and some roses in the background, which worked on a small scale. However, we eventually ditched the roses and muted the colors for the final poster, for a more subtle and classy look.


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